Adam delivers for our Conservative Warren County Values

We live, work, and play here and know our values work well.
Adam will continue to work for you to protect and promote our way of life in Columbus
so we can enjoy our families here.


Adam is Pro-Life from conception to natural death and has worked within the government and the non-profit realm to promote the culture of life. He testified in favor of the Heartbeat Bill and his legal citations are the same ones being used in the federal case defending it. More recently and at Ohio Right to Life's request, Adam testified in favor of the pro-life bill preparing Ohio to be ready for a post-Roe v. Wade world. As board chair for one of the country's largest network of pro-life women's centers, Adam has helped empower mothers and families to make godly life choices.


Adam believes the government should be bound by our Constitutions and laws. We need to strengthen the State Legislature against overreach, especially when it interferes with our schools, businesses, and daily lives. Decision-making should be as local as possible, ideally down to the individual and municipal level.

He has worked to protect free and fair elections, serving multiple times as a Presidential Election Day Attorney. As a board member of the Cincinnati area Federalist Society, Adam has promoted originalist and textualist legal thinking, where the law should mean what it says and not bend to the whims of judges or politics.

Adam fully supports the right to keep and bear arms, sponsoring and passing legislation to expand CCW rights as a city councilman. Adam is a CCW holder himself and a multi-year member of the NRA and the Buckeye Firearms Association.

Pro-Pursuit of Happiness

The goal of a small government is to allow each of our citizens "a life of quiet enjoyment." We Ohioans have the right to go about our lives taking care of our families and our communities, free from overbearing taxes and regulations. Adam will work to continue to lower taxes and government spending.

On council, Adam found creative ways to provide support to our communities through the government forced shutdowns in response to the coronavirus. With the help of many others, Adam kept our Independence Day parade going and in partnership with civic organizations like our Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Lebanon, created outdoor dining with no additional taxpayer expense.